rco #178.

I have… an open bottle of expensive beer that I set aside on the floor temporarily so I can adjust my own position.  I might kick this bottle, I thought.  I kicked the bottle.

There are… some neanderthals that roam the streets of places like Myeongdong and Insadong in Seoul either wielding obnoxiously large signs emblazoned with inane and vitriolic phrases such as “666 Hell Mark of the Beast” or yelling equally dunderheaded and condemning speech through a megaphone (and sometimes both — how delightful!).  Apparently, the only way these deadheads can attain new converts is by threatening them with eternal immolation.  When I last checked, this was no longer the Middle Ages, and “join or die” isn’t exactly a common catchphrase in developed nations.  It’s also an incredibly effective deterrent to people who may even be considering becoming a Christian.  Thanks, dipshits!

|the kid|

Old and New Treasures :: Seoul Station and Namdaemun

국사적인 보배 // 서울역이랑 남대문/숭례문

Double Vision

Double Vision


"never fight a battle
you can’t win”

talk to the hand.

getting drunk by myself
a pain in
the fucking neck

a hodge-podge
of mumbo jumbo
wasted talent

4 seconds
becomes 4 minutes
becomes 4 years
first and foremost

the artist
formerly known as


28 years later.

|the kid|



Waiting for a Train, Pt. 2 … or whatever

The Friendly Citizens of Osaka

alone in the cold.

heated argument
with the man you love.

you get the boot

and i sit on the floor alone

not knowing what to do
swamped with regrets
and anger
and a dash of self-hatred—

where are you?  i’m worried


sitting alone
with no one to comfort you
no one to help you
no one to

is that love?

i can’t find you…
i, too, am dark and cold
in the cold darkness
at the airport

no one to comfort me
no one to

4:00 am

what the fuck have i done?

where are you?!

|the kid|



제주시장 (Jeju Public Market)